All About Vintage Guitar

Each of us has his or her own hobby. It differes greatly from stamp collecting, coin collecting to cars and even old computers. But one hobby that has gained prominence, perhaps because of the popularity of music and especially of pop music, is the hobby of collecting a vintage guitar. Like the foremost hobbies, this one is also quite hard to collect and can also be quite expensive.

What is a vintage guitar? Most guitar enthusiasts classify vintage guitars as those that were made before 1970. One primary reason for this is because starting in the 1970s, commercially released guitars were mass produced. And you know exactly when a product is produced in such a quanity in so little time. It loses its workmanship value. It loses the level of excellence often associated with handmade guitars. Thus guitar enthusiasts always prefer guitars pre-dating that decade.

Another reason a guitar is classified as vintage is when a famous person previously owned or used that guitar. For example, if you find a guitar that was once used by Elvis Presley, the Beatles or Chuck Berry, then it is definitely considered a vintage guitar. The reason for this is because that musical legend has sort of imparted his popularity on that piece of musical instrument, creating a work of art on an otherwise common guitar.

Remember, getting into this kind of hobby is very much rewarding, especially if you get across extremely rare pieces or guitars owned by rock legends. The key is having the eye to spot what is a classic and of course, understanding the history of each guitar.

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